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Published May 25, 2019

We met with Julia Faure, co-founder of Loom, alongside Guillaume Declair. Loom is a clothing brand whose mission is to create durable clothing that is less harmful to the environment, at a reasonable price. Loom advocates a “slow” fashion, far from the Fast Fashion and its excesses. Indeed, fashion is considered the second or third most polluting industry.

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Julia is an agricultural engineer (AgroParisTech) and has a master’s degree in gender studies from the Autonoma University of Madrid. In 2016 Julia co-founded Loom, a brand of clothing that is as sustainable as possible, with the guiding principle of preserving people and the environment. Julia has an obsession with the fashion and textile industry and seeks to make public everything that is not right in this industry.


On this episode of the podcast, Julia first tells us about Loom’s birth and the beginning of the adventure. It refers to the community as a key factor in Loom’s success. Indeed, the brand involves its community from the design of the clothes via forms. Julia then describes the other steps in the process of making a Loom garment, and in particular the test phase which is fundamental. Julia reflects on her past professional experiences: especially at Amazon in Spain where Julia had a click and at La Ruche qui dit Oui! Then, she talks about Loom’s commitments and how they communicate with informative content on their blog “la mode à l’envers“.

We looked at the actions carried out by the Fast Fashion actors, which remain very insufficient. Finally, Julia told us about their impressive fundraising through the sustainable investment platform (with €500,000 invested by 600 individual shareholders) as well as the future projects for Loom.

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