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Published May 17, 2019

We met with Thomas Effantin, CEO of Trusk, founded in 2015 in Paris. With Trusk, you can move any object, within an hour, including large bulky items – we tried it ourselves! Trusk has achieved over 200,000 deliveries, and has recently raised 7M€ in a round led by Daphni.

Listen below to find out Thomas’ story! (Recorded in May 2019)

Listen to this episode here:


Thomas Effantin is the founder and CEO of Trusk. He spent time in sectors as diverse as the cashew business; and geographies as diverse as Africa and the Middle East leading successful businesses there before starting Trusk.


On this episode, Thomas talks about how Trusk’s innovative technology enables you to move any type of furniture from one doorstep to another within an hour, at a cost-efficient rate. He shares more about his background and how he plans to scale the number of deliveries, both in France and internationally.

Listen to find out Trusk’s success story!

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